How to Stay on Track With Health Goals
Health goals are an odd thing, we all have them to varying degrees and we all have different levels of commitment depending on several factors. 

The fitness, supplement and diet industries seem to boom in any economy because everyone WANTS to be healthy but many fall short of their vision. 

If you're finding yourself on a seemingly endless cycle of diets, spurts of exercise and have tried about every supplement you can find to help you reach your goals and you're over it and resigned to a life of mediocre I see you! I WAS you! 

Heard this before? Yup! I know that too! So here's what worked for me to break the cycles and make actual sustainable change. Don't worry I'm not about to give you another pill or a "magic" formula, just some simple mindset tools that will help you re-frame the way you think about your goals. 

Positive Self Talk

The fact is that whether you think you can or can't, you're right! So lets reset that mindset and bring back a little self love shall we? 

Think of 5 things that are great about you. Write them down or type them into the notes on your phone. 

This is SO important, I strongly encourage you not to move forward until you have your 5 things. Remember, I see you! I've been you and you are worth it so invest in yourself! 

Past Challenges Overcome

You my friend are an overcomer! You know how I know? You are living on this earth where life is hard and you are still here reading this. I promise you you have done harder things than cut out food groups, a hard workout or taking any other steps toward whatever goal you have!! 

Do you know what this means? You ARE capable of doing really hard things, you just need a way to make those things that seem hard in your mind turn into common place things that are just a thing that you do. 

How do you bridge the gap between something being really hard and it becoming something that you just do everyday? Baby steps. 

Yes! That's right I'm taking it all the way back to when you learned to walk. When you were first learning to walk and you fell what did you do? You tried again! No one got in your face and told you that because you fell once you would never learn to walk and you should never try again right? That would be silly right? 

So why as adults do we have this mentality that it is all or nothing, pass or fail? Why do we think that we need to do it all at once or nothing at all? Why are baby steps no longer the best way to grow and change? 

In my experience baby steps are still the way to go when trying to make sustainable change and truly grow into who or what we want to be. 

Another lesson we can learn from toddlers they are determined and they keep their eye on the prize despite all of the trips and falls along the way. They don't take it personal, they keep trying, they master and they move on to the next thing a little more graceful than before and before they know it, they are a full blown adult with all of the skills needed to have their own children that will walk the same path? Am I right? 

This is what I want you to picture when working on your goal. 

Break down your goal into baby steps. 
Start today with the first baby step and stay as consistent as possible.
There are going to be times when you mess up. It's fine, move on and do it again. 
Celebrate along the way with small rewards and when it starts to feel normal celebrate in a bigger way and THEN move on to the next thing. 

Can you see how this can be applied to pretty much any goal? I have followed this method for every goal I have had since I saw success with it the first time around and it's the only way I have found to turn hard lifestyle changes into habits that stick! 

Was this helpful for you? Need a cheerleader? I would be honored to link arms with you and be your accountability partner! 

Send me a message or leave a comment and let's get you on the right track to the best version of yourself!!  


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