How I said goodbye to my sugar addiction for good!
Did you know that up to 75% of Americans have a sugar addiction? 

I don't use the term addiction lightly, so let me explain what I mean. 

Eating sugar triggers a huge surge of dopamine, a "feel-good" chemical which are often the source of those afternoon cravings. Then when you get on a cycle of feeding that urge for sugar your brain starts to "need" more and more to be satisfied. (This "need" for more and more is what I'm referring to here as addiction.) 

Did you read between the lines there?

If not let me share what it took me a while to learn, if you start your day with a huge dose of sugar, i.e. pastries, processed oatmeal, cereals, breads, yogurts, snack bars etc. you will find yourself fighting off cravings in the afternoon because you have...activated the launch sequence!! Mwahahaha....oh sorry!! 

This is why I have made the switch to a more protein and veggie based breakfast routine. 

Umm, excuse me? Did you just say veggies...for breakfast??? Sure did! I know, I know it sounded terrible to me at first too. Don't worry! I've got you!! 

(Psst! If you're now confused about what the heck you should eat for breakfast to avoid that afternoon craving, I've got a free group for you to join where we talk all about making simple switches, that actually taste good, that will help you kick those sugar addictions to the curb! See! I told you! I've got you my friend!)  

Okay now we know about sugar addiction and how it works, lets address how to overcome that addiction and drastically improve your health in a short period of time. Not to mention, for my fellow Momtrepreneurs, boost your productivity like the boss that you are!! 

No, it's not a magic pill, yes it requires work and yes it's a diet, except you only have to stick to this diet for about 45 days in order to overcome that sugar addiction to where cravings are a thing of the past! 

If that sounds challenging, and trust me! I know it does: 

1. Like I said I've got you! Step by step instructions are just one contact me button away!  

2. I've seen first hand the health complications (lowered immune system, weight gain, serious lack of energy and in some cases even cancer) that will likely come along with a long term unchecked sugar addiction and I do not wish them on ANYONE! 

Also, please do NOT hear me shaming you here! I've been there and I'm here to offer a helping hand! 

I used to have no less than 7 yes SEVEN pumps of sugary syrup in my morning latte along with a huge bowl of sugary cereal for breakfast and then, because I had activated the aforementioned "launch sequence" and then continued to feed the beast for the rest of the day often culminating in a rather large bowl of ice cream before bed. 

Unfortunately, what I didn't realize was that this also created an afternoon crash which required caffeine, which kept me up too late, which made me tired in the morning which made me drink the sugary coffee and the cycle continued. 

So how did I get off of the cycle? 

I stopped eating sugar all together, cold turkey, along with a whole foods diet called Whole 30.

I had hit a wall. My eyes were opened to the fact that there was no magic pill or amount of exercise I would EVER be able to do that would fix my bad diet filled with processed food and sugars. So I jumped in with both feet and figured it out on my own. 

I don't recommend this figuring it out on your own bit to anyone. 

It's not fun! It's frustrating trying to find compliant meals both at home and on the go all whilst fighting off withdrawal headaches and other symptoms, not to mention any other everyday life stresses that come along in that 45 day period, and trust me life has a way of knowing right when you don't need extra stress and throwing it in there just to watch you squirm! 

Have you hit that wall I spoke about earlier? Are you ready to get rid of those cravings and take your health and your life back? Want a community that will come along side you and offer you advice and encouragement when you need it the most? 

Ready for your brain AND your body to be firing on all cylinders again so you can finally crush those fitness or business goals you have been telling yourself that you would hit someday? Today is your day my friend! 

Hit reply and tell me all about it and I'll get you plugged in to our community free of charge! I wished I had a community like this when I got started, so I created one! 

If the community doesn't sound like your cup of tea and you feel like you've got this Whole 30 thing in the bag, you go girl! Git it! I'd love to hear about your results!

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional and you should always consult your trusted healthcare professional before starting any diet or protocol. The advice offered here is simply what worked best for me and the community being offered is a place to share what has worked for myself and others.

Those with conditions such as IBS or the like may want to consider a low FodMap diet again after checking with their healthcare provider.            


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