How Your Diet Affects The Bottom Line in Your Business
Can what you eat really affect the bottom line in your business? 

Well, let me ask you this...Have you ever had a heavy meal at lunch and then came back and all you want to do is take a nap? How productive were you for the rest of that day? Did you put off tasks that required a little extra brain power by chance? 

So what if you could optimize what you eat so that your brain, and therefore your business, is firing on all cylinders?

You absolutely can and it can still taste awesome, be easy to cook and be affordable through simple shifts in ingredients, meal planning and meal prep!

Recent studies show that antioxidants may reverse some symptoms of aging including memory loss. Good thing for you, a little 2 oz shot of a drink called Ningxia Red gets you all the antioxidants you need to generally stay above the wellness line. 

If the name of the drink is greek to you, oh my friend! You are missing out!  

Now lets talk about home life. After the work day is done do you have the energy to spend quality time with your family or work on your fitness, cook healthy meals, hang out with friends etc.?

Basically, I'm asking...

Are you working to live or are you living to work? 

What if a few small changes in your daily habits such as drinking more water, eating whole foods and moving your body could totally change your productivity to the point where it now takes you less time to get your work done?

Additionally, consider how much you spend on healthcare as in doctor visits, prescriptions, time away from the office etc. 

An improved diet in most cases = a healthier person mind and body and less trips to the doctor so that you can use your time off to do the things that create a fulfilling life. 

Here's the thing, health is a journey and the only difference between your current self and the ideal self you have in your head is changing a few small habits consistently over time. 

I started with a Whole30 diet and then learned about all kinds of other small changes I could support my body to naturally improve energy, focus and an overall positive mindset.  

Need a free community to support your journey? I wish I had had one especially in the beginning! I've created one and we will welcome you with open arms. 

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