Three Things I Did  to Drastically Reduce Inflammation to Improve Health Quickly
About 3 years ago I had just had my second baby and was trying my best to get rid of the baby weight. 

Hello! So glad you came! Current you, meet old me and see if you can relate. 

Yo-yo weight loss, start and stop diets, sugar addiction, low self confidence, thinking healthy food was gross and natural methods were full of woo-woo and hippies, personal trainers, training for and running a half marathon, more special diets, "magic weight loss" pills, you name it I tried it but the weight and the health issues that came with it would not come off and stay off. 

I couldn't fathom those starve yourself diets and I just knew that there had to be a way to eat real food and loose weight without living in the gym. A new Mom of a then barely two year old and a newborn, I didn't have much time to take care of myself and just wanted to feel better and have more energy for to keep up with my family. If only I had known then what I know now! I know everyone says, that, but in this case, the photos don't lie! 

After finding out that my Dad's cancer had relapsed and that it was not genetic, but caused by something in his environment or lifestyle I started to research daily. I learned that if I could drop inflammation in my body, that alone would greatly reduce chances of any other unwanted health conditions from forming and may even help me fend off that autoimmune disease I was on the verge of at the age of 31! 

I learned where to look for the truth about what was in the products I used daily (Check out the Environmental Working Group Database) and I started to replace the products that had the highest toxicity ratings one by one (which ones and why will be a topic for another blog.) as I ran out and I started learning what I could do to flush toxins out of my body therefore reducing inflammation daily. 

With a toddler and a newborn to care for, whatever I did had to be easy. Enter THE juice!! I was in a group about all things Young Living and I kept seeing people rave about this red drink and all the things it has done for them because it decreased their inflammation there were first hand reports of:

Increased Energy Levels
Elevated Moods
Balanced Hormones 
Detoxing (But not in an in the bathroom all day kind of way, just a your cells can function better because they are cleaner kind of way)  

These were all testimonies from people I actually know personally, not just randos I found on the internet somewhere. 

As it turned out, through all of my dieting and exercises, detox was the one major step I and pretty much everyone I knew had been missing this whole time! 

So what actually happens is that our body takes in some amount of toxins from our environment daily, it just does, no matter how clean your products and environment are, there are toxins present to varying degrees. If we do not detox on a daily basis, these toxins build up in our body and our body doesn't know what to do with them, so it basically stores it in our fat cells until it has what it needs to flush them out. The thing is, if our body doesn't get enough of what it needs (antioxidants) to flush out those toxins, they just stay tucked away in a layer of fat and inflammation.  

Okay great! So I just need to up my antioxidant intake and the weight will fall off? Well kindof, but that's not the whole picture. Stay with me. Lets keep talking about what happens when our cells can't detox on a regular basis. 

Your body keeps storing those toxins in your fat cells and they become inflamed, then that inflamed cell divides into a new inflamed cell and the cycle keeps going until you are able to stop the cycle by allowing for a slow consistent detox and subsequent drop in inflammation and healthy cell creation. 

So how does a person stay in a constant state of gentle detox? After many, many hours of research and trying a LOT of different things, I finally tried that Ningxia Red drink I mentioned earlier for which I'd seen all the testimonials. Are you ready for just how easy this solution is? All my entire family, including my 3 year old and I, do is drink 1 - 2 ounces a day of this yummy-tasting antioxidant and nutrient dense juice per day and eat a mostly clean diet and we can now flush out those toxins daily. 

What were the results you might ask? Take a look at those unedited before and afters. I didn't like to take a lot of photos of myself before so these are the best ones I had, but what you see here is a difference of 7 pant sizes, 40 lbs and a whole lot less allergies! 

This was after 90 days straight of my healthier daily routine and my daily dose of Ningxia Red. That's it. I didn't start an intense workout program, I didn't count calories or starve myself or anything else. Plain and simple, I avoided foods that caused inflammation and I gave my body what it needed to detox and therefore get rid of inflammation. 

I still ate out, I just chose different options, I still lived my normal life with my husband, baby and a toddler, family and friends I just made a few small consistent changes that turned into habits! 

My friend, I'm here to help you do that too, that is if you feel like you need a helping hand!

If you would like to get your hands on that Ningxia Red juice I mentioned at a discount and find an option that works best for your needs so that your body and bank account are both happier and healthier then send me a message. 

My customers also get access to a group built around helping you find: 

  • The diet that works best for your specific needs
    (When I say diet I mean way of eating not short term way to deprive yourself of all of your favorite foods!)
  • Healthy recipes that actually taste good and don't take long to cook
  • Free 30 minute or less at home no equipment workouts
  • Fun contests, challenges and prizes for those that meet their goals and those that encourage others
  • Monthly Q&As with professionals
Have you tried Ningxia Red? Leave a comment and let us know what you love about it! Otherwise I look forward to your message so that I can help you find a solution that you can see results from quickly! 

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