How to Avoid Work from Home Mom Burnout - 5 Simple Ways to Find Peace Again
You thought that working from home would provide the best of both worlds allowing you to be at home with your kids and make an income, but now you're questioning if you are cut out for this. 

You feel like you're rocking at one and failing at the other or that one roll sacrifices to make the other work. 

Whatever you're feeling, I'm going to assume that if you're reading this, you're feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and tired. I know from personal experience that if you stay there too long, it will very likely leave you feeling broken. I'm also going to guess that you don't want to admit how you are feeling to others for fear of sounding ungrateful, guilty, resentful, cranky etc. 

Soooo instead of complaining, you suffer in silence and continue down this dark path until it makes you ill, drives you to drink or makes you feel like you need a one-month vacation just to sleep.

If this is you, keep reading because I am about to share a few things that were game changers that took me from a place of overwhelm to a place of fulfillment knowing that I would no longer have to look back over my life with regrets. Simply put, these things helped me feel whole again. 

Committing to at Least 10 Minutes of "Me" Time in Every Single Day

This may seem counter-intuitive if you are already feeling as if you already feel like there is not enough hours in the day but trust me, this is key! I would encourage you to start each and every day with at least 10 minutes of time just for you. 

What do you do for those 10 minutes? I would highly suggest that it does not include anything on your phone because we all know that the moment we pick up our phones we will see that someone (e-mails, notifications, texts etc.) needs us and it will stop you from finding peace. 

Here's what my 10 minutes started out like:

- Getting up 10 minutes earlier than normal (I didn't used to be a morning person, so I'm not going to pretend that this was easy, but I will say that it was well worth it.) 
- Drinking a full glass of room temp water 
- Sitting in complete silence for at least one minute pushing gently releasing any thoughts that would break that silence (If you have no idea how to actually  shut off your thoughts, I share about it HERE)
- Going for a quick walk around the block 

Listening to the Daily Audio Bible Ap

This ap is great because it's only about 20 minutes a day. I can listen while I'm driving and Brian (The guy that does the reading) shares such great inside and background on each book, and passages that may raise questions. 

If you listen every day for a year you will have listened to the entire bible and likely be able to understand it in a way you may not have before. This in and of itself will bring you more peace even if you miss a day or two here and there. 

In keeping with 10 minutes per day listen to each day for at least 5 minutes and pick up where you left off the next day or listen while driving like I do. There is a feature where you can check off the days in the app as you finish listening so that you can go at your own pace.

Gratefulness Journal 

If you just rolled your eyes, I totally felt that at first too, This became a part of my 10-minute me time as well. I simply found a cute blank journal and wrote 3 things that I am happy about and/or grateful for daily. 

What this did. was made me look for things to be grateful for for the rest of the day so that I would have something to write the next day no matter how small and it made me pause and appreciate small moments I otherwise would have missed. This is huge for work-from-home moms because it will allow you to focus on the good, like if you got one moment with your family that you otherwise wouldn't have, it makes it all much more worth it! 

Picking a "Peace Trigger"  

I can't remember where I heard about this, but it was brilliant! Here's how it works. You choose an action like walking through a doorway, drinking your water etc. or a common object like a pen or stapler or something you see at least a few times a day and decide that when you do that action or see that object, you will take a deep breath and think of the last good thing that happened in your life however small. 

I highly suggest implementing this especially if the gratefulness journal isn't for you right now. 

Finding a Form of Exercise You Love 

This is something I struggled with for over 7 years after my daughter was born. I would find something I loved and be consistent for a week. maybe two and then find every excuse as to why I couldn't until I finally decided to try out a circuit training gym called F45 and I fell in love! 

You don't have to join a gym if that's not your thing, but I will tell you that finding a form of movement that you actually want to show up for and miss when you don't is life-changing and brings a whole other level of confidence to your whole being. Not to mention you may feel better in your clothes as a bonus. 

In this case, the motivation has nothing to do with the number on the scale or your clothing size and everything to do with learning to say yes to you and show up for something that is just for you and the mental clarity and uplifting effect it has for the rest of the day! 

Actually Free Workout App (Not an affiliate link) 
There may not be an F45 gym near you or that may not be your thing, but there is a free app I like called FitOn that you can do from anywhere but promise me you will shut off notifications on your phone while you're working out so that you can focus. 

Whether you choose to implement one or all of these things, I would love to hear if they help you! If you feel like you need encouragement, I've built a community just for mamas like you over on Facebook where I offer free group coaching every week!  Check it out HERE. 


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