The Master Cleanse - How I accomplished a total mind and body reset in 20 days

Hey Hey friends! 

Let’s just get to know each other on a very personal level right up front, shall we? 

It’s how I roll ya’ll...I did say come as you are and I fully plan to practice what I preach. 

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with recurring sinus, allergy and digestive issues. In case you don’t know, the combination of chronic constipation, congestion and debilitating sinus headaches is a recipe for feeling miserable, unproductive and even helpless at times. I don’t wish it on anyone!! If you have been there, sister I feel your pain, keep on reading my friend!  

The whole 30 diet, which will be a topic for another day, was my first step into being proactive and taking back control of my own health and that of my family. (Not to mention it made me one heck of a cook if I do say so myself!) Then I learned about The Master Cleanse and decided to pair the two for a total body and mind reset. 

If you have never done a cleanse, you may not realize the wonderful effects letting your body fully detox and rest has on your mental health along with your physical health. I’m sure you have noticed that your physical health has a great effect on your state of mind. (If you haven't noticed this, buckle up my friends, it's about to get real!)

The fact is, if your body isn’t functioning normally, your mind can’t either! 

So what is The Master Cleanse? 

Based on the book “The Complete Master Cleanse” by Tom Woloshyn available on Kindle and Amazon, this cleanse includes 5 days of prep, 10 days of a nutritious “lemonade” drink and laxative tea and then 5 days of easing back into a normal healthy diet, or in my group's case, into a Whole30 diet to ensure full benefits are achieved. 

I’ll be honest, I was VERY skeptical at the first thought of going 14 whole days without eating solid food...stay with me here, I promise I would never endorse anyone starving to death!! After reading the book, understanding the methodology and as consulting with trusted healthcare professionals that know me well, the benefits outweighed the risk. I decided to jump in with both feet and learned a ton along the way! 

The Results:

For my husband and I the results were incredible and by the end of the cleanse I honestly hadn’t felt so awesome quite possibly ever! 

We both lost about 15 lbs
Inflammation was visibly reduced
Complexion greatly improved  
We slept like a rock
Digestive issues were gone
We both felt much more energetic and lost the afternoon slump

According to the book, the potential benefits of the master cleanse include: 

Increased energy levels*

Improved sleep  

Balanced the body’s pH 

Losing weight** 

Reducing Swelling and Pain

Alleviating Allergies 

Flushing the Colon

Improving Skin and Hair

Ridding your body of Parasites  

*This benefit came for us after the first several days of the cleanse. 

**I would not recommend this as a sustainable weight loss plan, simply a kick start to a healthier overall lifestyle or a quarterly reset for someone already leading a healthy lifestyle.

Please note, before embarking on any cleanse or diet change, you should consult a trusted medical professional and do your own research to determine if it is a good fit for you. I am not a medical professional, I'm simply sharing what has worked best for me.

That said, If this is a good fit for you, I highly recommend you start with the proper kitchen equipment, quality ingredients, supplements and natural remedies that may be needed along the way which I share in detail in my group. 

In short, the more prepared and educated you are, the better your chances of success! 

Lucky for you, I’m about to start a guided Master Cleanse followed by Whole30 diet exclusively for my clients! 

This exclusive group complete with daily meal plans, inside tips and tricks I wish I had known the first time around to get the very best results, weekly Q&A sessions to get your questions answered and the support of others going through it right along with you!   

Want to know more? 

Contact me and I’ll be happy to help you determine if this plan is a good fit for you! 


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