The one thing that soothed my seasonal head tension and the urge to scratch my own throat!

For most of my life, at certain times during the year, I walked around feeling like my head just might explode, I got stomach aches from mucus buildup, went on and off of antibiotics, my cabinets were always full of OTC and meds just in case. 

As an adult I wasted WAY too much PTO in bed with all the lights off and windows closed because light hurt.

I should warn you, here comes the soap box. 

Y’all, please listen to me right now, (*Steps on soap box)

I don’t care who you are, feeling bad in ANY way shape or form is NOT "normal". I don’t care who tells you that whatever ailment or “off” feeling you have is normal…’s not. If someone is telling you that:

  1. They are not the God that created you, they don’t have the right to tell you that you’re totally fine when the body he made to function normally isn’t working properly, it's not "normal".

  2. You are the one that has to live in your body day to day feeling the way you do. YOU say what is normal and what isn’t and you choose whether or not you want to do something about it.

  3. If you are not getting an answer that brings you peace, keep looking. In my personal experience, I’ve had to try modalities that I initially didn’t believe in, and become my own advocate by doing countless hours of research learning how my body is supposed to function and how to make it function properly again. I do realize this is much more challenging for some and I don’t say this lightly.   

*steps off of soap box…

It wasn’t until I met a tribe that made me realize all of this and started learning to actually take care of myself in a way that made me feel like a whole person again physically and emotionally that I could see the forest for the trees. 

I finally said enough is enough and committed to making diet changes, learned to read labels and use natural methods to support my body to function normally. 

Even with all of these changes, I still have the occasional scratchy throat, bloated head and go through a box of tissues quicker than I’d like to admit. The difference is, now I know what do about it quick, fast and in a hurry! 

Enter THE JUICE!! I’d heard about this magical unicorn of juices for a few years until I finally decided to try it for myself for a solid month. At the end of that month I felt so good that one month turned into three and then stubborn me decided I didn’t need it anymore because I no longer felt the difference and BAM hello exploding head! 

Just so you know, I continually do this cycle where I drink my juice on the reg for several months and then decide I don’t need it and am quickly reminded that I do and just how awesome it is! 

You can only get this juice in one place in the whole entire world and lucky for you I have a reliable source and I know just how to get you an amazing discount! 

Who doesn’t love to save a buck? Or in this case, a lot of bucks!

If you’re sick of feeling like your head is going to explode and wishing you could actually scratch your own throat I’ve got you my friend! 

I’ll walk you through each of the simple steps I took to kick all of that to the curb and keep it there! It’s not rocket science, it’s just a little known trick that has worked like a charm for me and many of my friends!

If you would like to know more send me an e-mail and I'd be happy to customize something that fits your budget and lifestyle so that you can enjoy this time of year again too!  


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