5 simple tips to optimize your Google My Business SEO Free

Boost your Google My Business listing so that you can attract your ideal client ready to buy and increase your bottom line without spending money on ads!

Fully Complete Your Listing


This may seem straightforward but you may be surprised how many leave big gaps in their Google My Business listings. The following are all the categories you should have filled in and the more complete and up to date your information the better: 

Address (Be sure that it is formatted exactly the same as it is on your website and any other places you are listed on the internet.) 

Phone Number 

Web Address 
(If you do not have a webpage Google allows you to build one along with your GMB listing for free. Please note that if you have a website you will want to use that one and not create a free one as Google will only rank one of your sites and having multiple will only cause confusion for potential clients.) 

Business Hours 
(There is a place for additional business hours. Utilize this if you offer additional hours for elderly or holidays. This option became available around the time that COVID19 hit the US.) 

(See more on this below)

Types of Payment Accepted 

(Do some research on key words for your business and be sure to include them in your description. If you need help with this feel free to contact me or join my facebook group here.) 


Frequently Asked Questions

Increase Your Web Presence Consistently


Google ratings are built on trust! Bottom line, Google's job is to help people find exactly what they are looking for, so the more trustworthy you are, the more Google will show you to those searching for what you offer. 

How do you show Google that you are trustworthy? 

Create consistent listings for your business in multiple web locations and be sure that your information (name, address, phone number etc.) is consistent on all of them.

Create a Weekly Meal Plan

Pick one day a week to plan all of your meals for the week, create a grocery list, shop or order online
so that you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the week. 

Eat healthier consistently 
Save money 
Save time 
Make meals ahead of time on days that may not allow time to cook

Step 1 - Create a Recipe Bank 
This can be cook books, food blogs saved to your favorites, a binder of favorite recipes printed or written out. The point is to have a bank of recipes that you can easily pull from without spending too much time searching. (All of my clients get a 28 day e-mail series with yummy healthy recipes free!)  

Things that help me: 

Categorizing recipes according to cook time, main ingredients etc. I keep a google doc with links to my favorite recipes and a shelf full of cook books that are full of tried and true yummy recipes. One of those recipe books includes Instant Pot recipes for those recipes I need to. 

We order meat each month from a monthly delivery service which allows me to plan around the main dish and thaw meat ahead of time.

Step 2 - Make a Grocery List 
Review the ingredients list for each recipe chosen and make a grocery list from items you don’t have in stock. I do my best to pick recipes that include ingredients I have on hand as much as possible. 

Things That Help Me: 

Add snacks, toiletries, personal care and cosmetic items, pantry staples like spices, supplements etc. (Unless you have these items sent to your door monthly for free like I do!) 

Keeping a list of recipe links in google docs with links to my favorite recipes categorized by cook time and then by main ingredient.

Step 3 - Shop
I like to shop online and pick up from the store when possible. This saves time and money because I get just what I need and avoid those little extras that I might pick up along the way! 

Step 4 - Add Meals to Your Calendar
Put all meals and snacks on the calendar so that you know exactly what you will have for each meal and don’t have to think about it and you know you have all the ingredients you need. 

Step 5 - Prep As Needed 
Identify times in your week where you may not have time to prepare meals and either prep ingredients ahead of time, cook larger batches on days that you have more time so that you have leftovers, or choose simple throw together meals that you actually like.

Find More Time Everyday

Find the time in your day that your brain seems to fire on all cylinders. Is it first thing in the morning or at night when you’re processing the day? Okay, do you have that time figured out? Great! That’s the time that you use to move the needle on your goals that you feel like you don’t have time for! 

Creates a designated time to live fully into your purpose 
You will not have to continue saying “someday” I will…
You will be able to look back on your life and say with confidence that you have no regrets!

Step 1 - Add 30 - 60 Minutes to Your Day 
Identify the time of day when your brain fires on all cylinders and either get up earlier or go to bed later and use that time to intentionally focus on that one big goal that you always say you would love to do but….(insert excuse here.)

That’s it! One simple step to find more time in your day. 

One Exception! If you have a newborn baby or already get less than 6 hours of sleep a night, consider moving this 30 minutes to a time when it will not cause you to loose sleep.
(If you have a baby that is older than 1 year that is not considered a newborn and I've got a few things up my sleeve that have helped my littles go to bed at a consistent time every night!)

Things that help me: 
- Cut out things that are not serving you - scrolling social media, hitting the snooze button etc. 
- Automate things whenever possible - automatic bill pay, at home postal service, online grocery shopping etc.  
- When I think I would rather sleep I remind myself that 30 minutes to be able to say that I lived to my full potential without regrets is a drop in the bucket.
- This time is for me and me only and the things I accomplish in this time will impact my life and the lives of so many others, especially my family so it’s a must. 

If you loved these tips and would also love to be a part of a FREE community of women just like you that are learning to find time in their day to live to their full potential hit the button below and let me know you want in! We will welcome you with open arms! 
Tell us what you do with the extra hour you find in your day!!
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