Ready to step off of the hamster wheel of life
and into more peace, purpose and less regret? 
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Hey! Welcome! 

My name is Sarah and I am a Life Coach, Blogger, YouTuber, Small Business Marketing Strategist and Entrepreneur. 

I am passionate about helping women who are feeling overworked and overwhelmed find peace and purpose in their lives again so that they can look back without regret whether that is in the home and/or creating a business that allows them to work from anywhere. 

I spent years searching for what I thought would bring me success and happiness through perfectionism, hustle, people-pleasing, and sheer determination only to find myself burnt out, bitter, and stressed to the max to the point that I didn't even recognize myself. 

I chose to get quiet, take a step back, and build from the ground up starting with a firm foundation of faith and relationship with the Lord. He helped me cast a clear vision for my life from which I could build everything else around and start living into my full potential in a happy, healthy, and joyful way. This process allows me to know my full value without the hustle and fill my cup first so that I can show up in service to others consistently providing real value and be able to determine what their future holds and create a road map for how they will get there. 

It would be my honor to link arms with you to transform your overwhelm into peace and purpose which will help you shape your future and shed the mindset that has kept you stuck, regretful and off the rails for long enough. 

Let's cast a clear vision for your life that will allow you to hit the reset button just as I did so that you can find your purpose and fulfillment through a lense of peace and forever change not only your future, but that of your children and all generations to come. 

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All the best and God bless! Sarah Jane


I'm passionate about helping women...

Find Foundation
in Faith

Cast a Clear Vision
for a Fullfilling Life

Live with Peace
& Purpose

What if life could be different?

What if the only thing holding you back was you? 

Come join the tribe of Christian women stepping off of the hamster wheel of life and into a more peaceful, purposeful life they will look back on without regrets!

It's time to let go of perfectionism, overwhelm and people pleasing and
into the light of self-worth, purpose and fulfillment!

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