Welcome! On this page, you'll find a list of favorite products you'll often find me talking about in my Peace + Purpose Workbook + Planner, blog, in emails, YouTube channel and on social.

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Fellow book nerds, you have hit the jackpot!! I'm always reading 2 - 4 books at a time. I choose what type I'm in the mood for. So If you're anything like me, I can't wait for you to dig in to these!
Peace + Purpose Workbook + Planner
by Sarah Rasnick
This is the proven system I've created for busy women to simplify their schedules and create a step-by-step road map to create more peace and purpose in every area of their lives so that they can look back without regrets. 

The 5 Love Languages: The secret to love that lasts. 
by: Gary Chapman
This book referenced in my planning system because it has really helped me to deepen my relationships with the ones that mean the most to me in this world by knowing how they feel love the most. 

by: Jon Acuff
If you are an overthinker who struggles with self-doubt and procrastination this is a must read! It's pure gold! 

The Miracle Morning
by: Hal Elrod
The not-so-obvious secret to transform you life - before 8am. I was NOT a morning person most of my life, but this book changed that and it has made a world of difference. 

The Best Yes
by: Lysa Terkeurst
If everything is important then nothing is important. This book helped me to realize that I needed to change what and why I say yes to things daily. Releasing people pleasing and striving for your worth will leave you living with regret. This book and a few others on this list inspired me to develop my planning system. 

Time Savers
Sometimes the right tools and services can make all the difference to allow you to spend more time doing the things that matter most in life.
Website builder, CRM System, Funnels
This is a small company that supports small companies. Their customer service is fantastic, their tools are ever evolving based on the needs of their clients and they offer training weekly. This is the platform that this site is built in. 

Jasper AI
Automated Content Writer
Write emails, blogs, social media posts, YouTube video titles, product descriptions and any other copy you may need in a fraction of the time AND optimize it so that you increase organic traffic to your site or profile in a fraction of the time. This has been a life saver allowing me to cut my office hours in half! 

Graphic design tool 
You no longer need to take a college course (like I did) to learn design software or buy expensive software in order to create beautiful professional-looking graphics, brochures, cards, you name it! Canva has tons of templates so you can just drag and drop and create quickly even from the app on your phone! 

Recipes & Food
This is the actual spreadsheet where I store links to all of my favorite recipes to make weekly meal planning a snap! 
My Favorite Recipes Spreadsheet
Compiled by Sarah recipes posted by various food bloggers
This is the actual spreadsheet I reference in The Peace + Purpose Workbook + Planner. It's a database of links, cooking times and main ingredients that helps our family (and now yours) eat healthy most of the time! 

Butcher Box
A subscription service for locally sourced quality meat & seafood delivered to your door. 
This subscription has saved me SO many times! I know the meat and seafood we eat are high quality. We save a TON of money on our grocery bill and it is much easier to meal plan around the meat we already have in the freezer! 

Kitchen Gadgets
Kitchen gadgets can be such life savers especially if you cook from scratch most of the time like I do! Here are some of my must haves!
Two Basket Air Fryer 
Ninja Foodi
This thing saves SOOO much time in the kitchen and helps you kick your microwave and soggy food that comes out of it to the curb. With two baskets and so many cooking style options this will be your new kitchen bestie! 

MioMat Plant Milk Maker
from company that makes the product
If you drink plant-based milk and are not a fan of some of the ingredients in the store bought ones this machine helps you make it at home! It now takes 15 minutes and about $0.50 cents to make enough milk for our family for several days! PS - It also makes soups and porridges (purees and cooks them) in just a few minutes! Get it now and your budget will thank you! 

Ninja Compact Kitchen System
from company that makes the product
This makes food prep SO easy! If you tend to cut yourself every time you chop an onion or have ever tried to make cauliflower rice by hand you will LOVE this machine. Not to mention it makes great smoothies and milk-shakes. 

Health is wealth and leading a healthy lifestyle can save you a TON over a lifetime avoiding medical bills and allowing for a better quality of life. Here are the things that help us maintain our family's health.
Supplements for gut health and mental wellness
I have struggled my whole life with digestive health and this company has eliminated that struggle. They also have great quality vitamins, probiotics and even a natural hormone support supplement that has been a game changer! This is also where I get vitamins and probiotics for the kids. 

Young Living Essential Oils
healthy living products for home and health
This company has the only household cleaner I ever use for anything inside or outside my home because it smells amazing and it's totally safe around kids and pets. I also love their essential oils, supplements and healthy snacks! 

Kids Favorites
Some of my kids favorite things that have stood the test of time, as in not a fad that kept interest for a day or two and then ended up in the donation pile.
How Great Is Our God: 100 Indescribable Devotions About God and Science  
By: Louie Giglio 
This is one of my kids' favorite bedtime book. It teaches them all about interesting things found around the world and relates them back to scripture and how much God loves them and how they should love others. I just found out there is a whole series of these and I'm about to order the next one!  

Fancy Nancy 5-Minute Stories  
By: Jane O'Connor 
This is my daughter's favorite bedtime story book even though we have read all of the stories many, many times by now. She still loves every Fancy Nancy story she can get her hands on but these are her favorites. 

Star Wars 5-Minute Stories  
By: Lucas Film Press 
This is my son's favorite book! And also how I learned most of what I know about Star Wars lol! He has a few favorites but this one is the go to about every other night!  

The Book With No Pictures  
By: B. J. Novak 
This book is hilarious! Every kid I've ever read this to loves it, even the kids at heart. It proves to the kids that a book without pictures can actually be more fun than the books with pictures...sometimes! 

Dragons Love Tacos
By: Adam Rubin 
This books is a quirky, silly story about a series of events going wrong at a party for dragons and the lessons learned by them. If your dragons really do love tacos, I can't wait to see what we are eating for lunch!